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HealthTap's medical experts, representing 147 specialties, stand ready to answer literally any medical question you might have.

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Our doctor-trained A.I. doesn't just look at your symptoms, it also looks at your entire medical profile to help you figure out what's wrong and direct you to the right course of action.

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As a Flex Employee, you'll be immediately connected with a doctor for diagnosis, personalized treatment plan, and referrals via video, voice or text chat. For our Flex USA Employees, doctors also have the ability to order prescriptions and labs

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Our Treatment Plans make it easy to follow your doctor's orders on medications, diet, exercise, and more with timely reminders and notifications.

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Your Health Profile helps our doctors deliver better and more personalized care. What's more, you can access your entire HealthTap medical history, get notes from doctor visits, prescriptions, and more. All from any device.

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